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We strive for excellence in every thing that we do!
We look forward to showing you just how we do that!

Who We Are

Our Mission: 
To unlock the world of original, raw artwork in all communities by investing into its artists through our profits from media design and art projects.

Our Vision: 
Growing art appreciation in every aspect in all communities!

Our Skills: 
The De-Mi Arts team utilizes its acquired skills in: web design, graphic design, original artwork and information technology to gain profits to aid in the mission and vision of De-Mi Arts. Being an artist is not cheap and supporting them is not cheap either! Having many avenues to gain projects is key for advancing, inspiring and motivating our artists and the arts community as a whole.

Our Core Values: 
De-Mi Arts is an official A.R.T.S. Initiative Company. The Aspire. Reach. Teach. Showcase. Initiative is made up of companies that thrive in one or several art field(s) in accordance to the core values. Those core values are A.R.T.S.: 

[A]spire artists to express their artistic freedom.
[R]each artists beyond the traditional forms of artistic expression. 
[T]each artists to diversify and expand their artistic horizon. 
[S]howcase artists who have tapped into their artistic inspiration.

Meet Our Team

Devin woodfork

Founder/ CEO

Dewayne murrell

Executive Advisor

Artavius Veasey

Graphics Advisor

Tony butcher


Kimberly Kenny

Media Operations

Jasmine Maclin