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About beyond the stroke magazine

Beyond The Stroke is a magazine that will take readers on a journey behind the artistic freedom artists reach. Artistic freedom is not always achieved as easily as it may seem. Some artists are able to create with just a thought while some create through the life experiences they have had. Those life experiences can be really motivational and uplifting if only they had a way to tell their story. Many unique artists populate the arts realm and it can be hard to get noticed. Beyond the Stroke Magazine will be the outlet for not just showcasing great artwork but telling the story behind the artist!  

Beyond the Stroke is published virtually and is expected to grow to print within 6 months of the inaugural issue. Beyond the Stroke reserves the right to deny any advertisement sales it finds to be inappropriate for our target audience. All press releases must be submitted by the 30th two months prior to the targeted issue release. All content of all Beyond the Stroke magazines, including and not limited to the designs, advertisements, photos, art and editorial content, as well as the selection, coordination and arrangement thereof, is Copyright © 2016, Beyond The Stroke. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this magazine may be copied or reprinted without the written approval of the publishers. For a full list of our editorial and advertising policies, please visit beyondthestroke.com/policies.html.

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Client: Beyond the Stroke Magzine
Category: Web Design
Date: March 2016
Web: beyondthestroke.com